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Oral Surgery

3rd Molars
The last teeth to erupt into the mouth are called the 3rd molars (otherwise known as “wisdom teeth”). These teeth are often problematic for a number of reasons. They sometimes erupt in the wrong direction, or into the neighboring tooth, jeopardizing the health of that tooth. They are particularly prone to periodontal disease and tooth decay, since they are located so far back and difficulty to clean. For these reasons and more, it is often recommended that they be recommended, both to treat current disease and prevent disease from occurring.

Dental implants are currently the most exciting and evolving field of dentistry. In the past, the loss of a tooth generally led to some sort of a prosthetic replacement, generally for a few teeth this could be a dental “bridge” and later following the loss of more teeth, a removable appliance (denture). With the latest advancements in dentistry, a dental implant has the ability to restore teeth to sound form and function as that of a natural tooth. Through the use of a surgical placement of a dental implant into the bone and later restoring that tooth with a custom fabricated crown, bridge or denture, patients are able to have a fixed restorative option that is highly effective.